Upgrades and Migrations

Open Source software packages are a great way to run your site and add important functionality to your site at a lower cost then developing your own custom solution.  However, it is very important to keep this software up to date to protect your site from being vulnerable to malicious individuals and groups.  New security vulnerabilities patched regularly and the only way to be protected from them is by installing the latest versions.  We have done hundreds of upgrades to several major software packages including Joomla!®, Drupal, Wordpress and CiviCRM.  Everything from basic security upgrades to large version upgrades for very out of date sites, and our support packages include upgrades as they come out, so you can rest assured that you will not be vulnerable in the future.


NOTE: Joomla!® is reaching the end of support for their 2.5 version on December 31st, 2014.  To get continued security patches sites running Joomla!® will need to upgrade to the most recent 3.x version.  We are a member of the Joomla! Update Working Group and are experienced with these upgrades, so if you are running 2.5 contact us today to get started.


Sometimes a site has been left so long without updates that updating is no longer possible.  Other times a site might be on the wrong system to meet your needs.  In those cases we can help you migrate it to the newest version or a new system altogether, bringing over all of the crucial content for your audience.


In both cases, every site is different and will require a different amount of time and effort to complete.  We are happy to give you a free estimate though on what it will take to get your site secure and running efficiently.  Please contact us today for your free quote.